Interview with Thomas Koetter on “ProWein goes city”: How important is the restart of the trade fair for Düsseldorf?

Editor: Due to the Corona crisis, fairs, events and city festivals could not take place. Even the entire cultural and event industry came to a standstill. Finally things are starting up again! How are you and your team feeling?

Thomas Koetter (TK): We are totally excited, happy and in a positive mood. Almost like children on Christmas Eve! The anticipation is everywhere. But first we had to dust off the concepts a bit and remember, after a three-year break, what one thing or another was like back then. But now it’s starting. And it’s going to be good! Four big events for the Düsseldorf location in only seven weeks is a crunchy challenge for our small team. But it feels good. ProWein goes city kicks things off.

Editor: Why are events so important for Düsseldorf as a location and for the residents and tourists?

TK: Events are an expression of a free and open society. They make life colourful and worth living. In the lockdown, we all had to feel first-hand how dreary our lives feel without events. Düsseldorf is such a liveable city precisely because of the many events, because of the trade fairs, because of the international audience. People like to come back to places where the atmosphere is good. Memories are created here. Düsseldorf is such a place.

Editor: What can we expect at ProWein goes city?

TK: Lots of delicious food and even more good drinks. Over 40 restaurateurs are taking part this year. Without them, ProWein goes city would not be possible. The 80 epicurean events include everything from free tastings and loungey terrace concerts with a DJ to very high-quality 4-course meals with selected fine wines. It’s worth taking a look at our website.

Editor: What are you particularly looking forward to?

TK: I am particularly looking forward to the soulful faces of our participants and the exuberant atmosphere. So many acquaintances and business partners have told me in advance how they are looking forward to our events ProWein goes city, schauninsland-reisen Jazz Rally, the Düsseldorf France Festival and the Tour de Düsseldorf. I look forward to each and every guest.

Editor: Complete the sentence “#finallytradefairagain, finally …?

TK: … the world as a guest in Düsseldorf again.

#endlichwiederMesse im #MesseMonatMai: Unter dem Dach des AUMA machen wir gemeinsam mit allen Messegesellschaften die Branche sichtbar und stärken das Wir-Gefühl! Unter den Hashtags tragen wir unseren Restart mit einer großangelegten, integrierten Kommunikationskampagne in die Welt. Unsere Aussteller, Fachbesucher, Partner und Messenthusiasten sollen wissen, dass wir ihnen wieder wertvolle Business-Plattformen bieten und dass die Messewirtschaft ein wichtiger Bestandteil unserer Infrastruktur ist. Der Nutzen von unseren Messen ist für den Wirtschaftsstandort Düsseldorf und Deutschland essenziell.

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