Retail, E-Commerce: EuroCIS 2015

Digital in-store elements, iBeacons and as many pioneering products as ever: all of this is currently being showcased at EuroCIS, Europe’s leading retail technology trade fair, held at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre. To ensure a better overview PlanetRetail organises tours for trade fair visitors. Our Blogteam took part in one such “Guided Innovation Tour” on the first day of the fair: We present the innovations at EuroCIS 2015 as selected by PlanetRetail.

impuls Store Manager


At the first stop on the guided trade fair tour the impuls Store Manager was shown to be a platform for measuring and analysing movements and shopper flows in indoors (e.g. in stores) based on Microsoft KINECT data. What does this mean specifically? We not only know the “Kinect” principle from Xbox gaming. The principle also plays a role in retail. When shoppers are in a store this technology can record how they move in front of a shelf and which products appeal to them.

Phizzard GmbH


“Phizzard digitalises physical shoe and fashion retail,” explains an employee of the exhibitor Phizzard. While still in the changing room Phizzard’s solution enables the shopper to select products and have these taken to the cubicle. With this solution Phizzard transfers the analytical methods from e-commerce to bricks-and-mortar retail.

MetraLabs GmbH


At the stand of MetraLabs GmbH we were welcomed by a robot. It can perform a number of tasks – here the focus was on scanning merchandise and/or its labels. Incidentally, the mobile service robot for stock taking and localisation is called Tory.

Selitera AB


Selitera AB company has travelled from Stockholm to Düsseldorf. The Swedish start-up focuses entirely on shoppers’ mobile use – via Smartphone and matching App products can be compared, commented on and shared on a monitor like with a remote control.



Proxible from the Netherlands focuses on shop windows that emotionalise shoppers with sounds and a robot that does the shopping in the physical store.



Let’s stay with shop windows: it may well happen that someone taps on the as we pass them by. Just like in the E-Plus/BASE campaign, which was implemented with the help of ameria. As soon as shoppers pass by the window Anna, a virtual figure, appears on the window pane and taps on the glass. Then products can be displayed across the entire surface and the shopper controls the data displayed from outside – comparable to the Kinect principle.

mifitto GmbH


Never ever pick the wrong shoe size again thanks to mifitto. This Multichannel solution allows shoppers to have their size established in store and also ensures they always obtain the perfect advice online as well. Gone are the days where online shoppers had to order 2-3 pairs!

Scala BV


Order your cup of coffee from your sofa to then get it served automatically in store just a little later? No problem – according to Scala, a supplier from the Netherlands. Bluetooth and iBeacons ensure that the order ends up at the vendor as soon as the shopper is anywhere near the store. And this is also the time the order is sent via Smartphone and Bluetooth – not before.

LANCOM Systems GmbH


LANCOM integrates the control of radio-controlled ePaper displays in Wifi infrastructures. Be it as digital room signage, price label or menu card – with the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays the company offers an all-in-one solution.



ShopperTrak is a company that provides chain stores and mall operators with analytics at the store entrance and in-store as well as with performance evaluations. Not only customer counting but also shopper behaviour is in focus with ShopperTrak.



Digital payment is another innovation theme at EuroCIS 2015. wirecard simplifies payment with its products thereby offering contactless payment processes for retailers and shoppers.
The Guided Tour at EuroCIS lasts as long as 90 minutes and is available for all visitors. Prior registration via RT@planetretail.net is requested. We found the tour extremely interesting and wish all participants many exciting themes!

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