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Emotional and interactive: these are the trends at EuroShop 2017

How can retailers give their shoppers an unrivalled customer journey? Which innovative concepts, technologies and designs support them in these efforts? This is what industry experts are currently learning from us at EuroShop. Until Thursday, 9 March our exhibitors presented the latest retail trends in seven Dimensions at the world’s No. 1 retail trade fair.

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Hall manager – adviser, lightning conductor and signpost

There are all kinds of different jobs and activities at Messe Düsseldorf. . Today we’d like to highlight a job which is very specific and only relates to trade fairs – a hall manager. In all, there are 17 hall managers who look after the 19 exhibition halls on our premises. To find out what a hall manager actually does, we boldly ventured into the hurly-burly of the disassembly work after ProWein and just asked one of them. To be precise, we asked Frank Schaefer who manages Hall 9.

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Retail, E-Commerce: EuroCIS 2015

Digital in-store elements, iBeacons and as many pioneering products as ever: all of this is currently being showcased at EuroCIS, Europe’s leading retail technology trade fair, held at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre. To ensure a better overview PlanetRetail organises tours for trade fair visitors. Our Blogteam took part in one such “Guided Innovation Tour” on the first day of the fair: We present the innovations at EuroCIS 2015 as selected by PlanetRetail.

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Well.come. When heart meets business.

It was almost 70 years ago that the foundation was laid for what is now the Messe Düsseldorf trade fair company. Much has changed since then – both in the trade fair industry and in communication. It’s hard to imagine that there weren’t always emails, or that not all that long ago, servers were the size of large desks. Among the many ways that the digital revolution has transformed our way of life, information is exchanged more quickly than ever before, and mobile communication has become an absolutely integral part of our everyday existence.

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