Why we “Love a fair”:
Xenia Farquhar – Assistant Events

In our new series you get to know the people behind Messe Düsseldorf and learn why we “love a fair”. Our colleague Xenia Farquhar from the event department knows how to get a party started!

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Why we „Love a fair“:
AP from Rochester, New York

In our new series you get to know the people behind Messe Düsseldorf and learn why we “love a fair”. Our colleague AP, from Rochester, New York, works in the press department and really enjoys how things are going here in Duesseldorf. AP, the stage is yours!

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Why we “love a fair”:
Marisol, our Ruhrgebiets-spaniard

In our new series you get to know the people behind Messe Düsseldorf and learn why we “love a fair”. Our colleague Marisol, our Ruhrgebiets-spaniard from the reception, is the first one we would like to introduce: the stage is yours!

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Collage #GED16

First ever held Global Exhibitions Day (#GED16) brings together the global exhibition industry

On 8 June 2016, is the first time UFI, the home of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and its members celebrate the Global Exhibitions Day (#GED16). Messe Düsseldorf is looking forward to welcome people from all over the world at drupa 2016 – the perfect occasion to celebrate this first ever held day and to show how much fun it is to work in the exhibition industry! Watch our #GED16 Video and find out, what we love about our job!

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Messe Düsseldorf North America at wire/Tube – Much More Than Just a Connection Cable

Without tubes, wires and cables, no industry would function, daily life would be incapacitated, and our office routine – without connection cables, metal springs (for hole punches), paper clips or telephone wires – would be practically impossible. Thus the two leading trade fairs, wire and Tube, have more significance in our everyday life than it would seem at first glance. We looked around and took advantage of the opportunity to meet with our colleagues from Messe Düsseldorf North America (MDNA) for an interview.

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Hall manager – adviser, lightning conductor and signpost

There are all kinds of different jobs and activities at Messe Düsseldorf. . Today we’d like to highlight a job which is very specific and only relates to trade fairs – a hall manager. In all, there are 17 hall managers who look after the 19 exhibition halls on our premises. To find out what a hall manager actually does, we boldly ventured into the hurly-burly of the disassembly work after ProWein and just asked one of them. To be precise, we asked Frank Schaefer who manages Hall 9.

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EuroCIS 2016: Beacon rather than Bacon!

Shopping with smartphones – has long become a standard for consumers. The Nutrition Report 2016 published by the German Ministry of Nutrition and Agriculture Bundesministeriums für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft proves that some 20% of consumers use their smartphone for food shopping at the supermarket to get more information on products. EuroCIS 2016, Europe’s leading Retail Technology Trade Fair, shows how Location Based Services (LBS) virtually enhance the customer journey. The current blog post explains what exactly this means.

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There are similarities between trade fairs and holiday season

…and therefore we produced a short tutorial: How to prepare for holiday season? Enjoy!

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The new image film of Messe Düsseldorf

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Retail, E-Commerce: EuroCIS 2015

Digital in-store elements, iBeacons and as many pioneering products as ever: all of this is currently being showcased at EuroCIS, Europe’s leading retail technology trade fair, held at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre. To ensure a better overview PlanetRetail organises tours for trade fair visitors. Our Blogteam took part in one such “Guided Innovation Tour” on the first day of the fair: We present the innovations at EuroCIS 2015 as selected by PlanetRetail.

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